Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pretty Pastel Flower Cupcakes - Stitcher's Dream Day Out

These large cupcakes were commissioned by the lovely Marion from The Quilter's Angel for the annual 'Stitcher's Dream Day Out' held at the Chocolate Cottage Village Green at Highfields. The cupcakes were to provide morning tea for the 300+ women who attended over the 2 days.

So 13 kilos of sugar, almost 3 kilos of white chocolate, 4 dozen eggs and minimal hours of sleep later, the sticky date, chocolate, and raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes were ready to be admired and devoured by hundreds of keen stitchers.

The chocolate cupcakes featured frilly piped frosting and hand-cut flowers, the sticky dates were decorated with embossed fondant over caramel icing, and the raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes featured pastel hand-piped roses.

Note to self: never again attempt 27 dozen cupcakes solo - call for baking and frosting backup!

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