Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Day Orders 2012

We are now taking orders for Valentine's Day Cupcakes and Macarons!

- Valentine’s flavours: red velvet, vanilla, chocolate
- Big Love Giftbox $26.00
(6 x regular-size cupcakes in a giftbox with ribbon)
- Cute Love Giftbox $6.00
(1 x regular-size cupcake in a giftbox with ribbon)

Macarons - Valentine’s flavours: cherry ripe, turkish delight, vanilla bean, strawberry
- Big Love Giftbox $26.00
(12 x macarons in a giftbox with ribbon)
- Cute Love Giftbox $9.00
(3 x macarons in a giftbox with ribbon)

Cupcakes are decorated in Valentine’s Day theme with embossed loveheart toppers and/or personalised name hearts. Macarons are made in valentine’s colours (see photo at top of page).

To order your Valentine’s Day sweets drop into the store, call us (Thurs – Sat only) or email. A 50% deposit is required to be paid when ordering, with the remainder payable upon collection.

Orders close 11th Feb 2012.

The Perfect Dozen Cupcakery will be open Tuesday February 14th (Valentine’s Day!) from 8:30am-4:00pm, especially for V-day order collections and last minute purchases!

Dusty Pink and Purple Number Disc Cupcakes

These cupcakes were ordered for a 50th birthday with a pink and purple theme. The regular-size cupcakes were strawberry mud (with purple icing and number discs) and raspberry & white chocolate (with piped string and purple blossom), and the birthday girl's name was spelt out on some of the cupcakes (in centre of photo).

Monogrammed Star Cupcakes

These chocolate regular-size cupcakes decorated with monogram stars and handpiped 5's were for a boy's 5th birthday.

Cars Cupcakes

Regular-size cupcakes for a car-themed 4th birthday party: vanilla cupcakes decorated with 'grass' piping, handmade chequered flags, traffic lights and roads.

White/Ivory Wedding Minis

A selection of the minis ordered for a wedding cupcake tower: vanilla (with handpiped buttercream rosebuds and white hearts) and chocolate (with embossed fondant, and plain fondant overpiped with a swirl) accompanied a chocolate fondant-covered cutting cake (not pictured).

*embossed fondant-covering, plain fondant-covering, and handpiped roses all incur an additional $0.50 per piece per cupcake.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Giraffe Cupcake Tower

This cupcake tower was ordered for a 50th birthday for a lady who loves all things giraffe. The cupcakes were orange poppyseed and strawberry mud, topped with handmade giraffe print discs, and the cutting cake was chocolate cake fondant-covered and decorated to look like a giraffe face.

Rainbow Layer Cake

Our 5-layer rainbow cakes are now available by custom order. The outside decorations of the cake can be customised to any style or design, but the prettiest part by far is cutting into the cake to reveal the rainbow coloured vanilla layers inside!

Rainbow layer cakes start at $20.00 above our base cutting cake prices (see here).

Double Daisy Cupcakes

Regular-size raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes topped with multi-shade double daisies in a pink colour scheme, and sprinkled with edible glitter.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Bright-coloured Christmas cupcakes: choc-vanilla with fuschia and aqua buttercream and handmade embossed lime green Christmas tree toppers (apologies for the over-exposed photo!)

Reindeer & Present Christmas Cupcakes

A selection of Christmas cupcakes from 2011: vanilla cupcakes with handmade reindeer toppers and chocolate cupcakes with present toppers, all sprinkled with edible glitter.

Pram Baby Shower Cupcakes

These cupcakes were ordered for a purple and yellow themed girl baby shower, with the decorations based around a motif from the invites (at right). The regular-size cupcakes included strawberry mud (with mauve icing and bottle toppers), choc-hazelnut (with mauve bib toppers) and raspberry & white chocolate (yellow icing with purple pram toppers), and the cutting cake was a vanilla fondant-covered cake with pram motif (to match the invites) and 'baby girl' embossed in hearts across the front.

Mini Blossoms Wedding Cupcakes

Mini rose berry (with blue buttercream and handmade daisy toppers) and red velvet (with ivory icing and pink double blossoms) cupcakes for a casual wedding dessert buffet.

Footy Cupcakes - Raiders

Cupcake tower ordered for a Canberra Raiders Fan's 30th birthday celebrations: vanilla cupcakes with handmade football toppers and a choc-vanilla ripple-iced cutting cake with handpiped raiders jersey topper.

Safety Pins & Onesies Baby Shower Cupcakes

Vanilla regular-sized cupcakes (with safety pins, onesies and 'baby' toppers in pale blue and ivory) and a vanilla ripple-iced cutting cake ordered for a boy baby shower.

Presents Cupcakes - Pink and Green

Our ever-popular 'presents' design, this time in hot pink and lime green for a girly birthday party.

Aces Wedding Cupcake Tower

This cupcake tower was ordered for a wedding with a 1920s gangster styled theme. Regular-sized cupcakes were half strawberry mud and half white chocolate with handmade aces playing cards, and the cutting cake was a fondant-covered raspberry & white chocolate cake with the top left blank for the addition of a bride and groom figure.

Princess Cupcakes

Regular-size vanilla cupcakes for a princess birthday party with sparkly tiaras, shoes and daisy decorations in pink and purple.

Simplistic Monogram Disc Cupcakes

Regular-size choc-vanilla cupcakes with pale blue buttercream and monogram discs for a christening.