Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brisbane Broncos Cupcakes

These cakes for a Brisbane Broncos fan's birthday were cookies and cream cupcakes with vanilla buttercream grass, hand-piped bronco jerseys and chocolate truffle footballs.

Its a Boy! Baby Shower

These cupcakes were ordered for a baby shower. The cupcakes with love-hearts were cookies & cream, and the ones with the cute baby teddies were choc-mint. Only the love-heart design from the samples was kept for the actual shower order. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Orders Unavailable July 9th - 17th

Just a quick note to let everyone know that cupcakes will not be able to be ordered for between the 9th and 17th of July inclusive, as I will be away on holidays. Thanks to the two very understanding ladies who wanted to place orders for this week, who I had to turn away. Again I apologise for not being able to make cupcakes for your occasions, it really is a horrible feeling being unable to fulfil customers' wishes.


Blue & Yellow Theme Cupcakes

Large cupcakes for a blue and yellow theme - choc-mint (sunflowers), choc-hazelnut (bows) and orange poppyseed (spots).

High Tea Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes ordered for a girl's high tea birthday celebration. A selection of flavours that coincided with flavours being made for the Cabarlah Markets on the same weekend as the order: vanilla buttercake with purple vanilla buttercream and fondant flowers, chocolate buttercake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate hearts, and white chocolate and raspberry cake with white chocolate ganache and hand-piped rose buds. The cutting cake was also raspberry and white chocolate with hand-piped buttercream roses.

Mixed Birthday Cupcakes

A sample of the cupcakes ordered for a birthday celebration - raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes and cappuccino cupcakes - presented on one of many cupcake stands.

*hand-piped roses additional $0.50 per rose

Pirate Cupcakes

Some terribly frightening pirate cupcakes ordered for a kiddies pirate theme birthday party. These were chocolate buttercake with vanilla buttercream (red bandannas) and vanilla buttercake with vanilla buttercream (blue bandannas); the cutting cake was chocolate buttercake with vanilla buttercream. These cute little fellas were very fun to make!

Critter Cakes!

40 colourful and cute animal cupcakes (pigs, ladybugs, lions, frogs and mice) ordered for a kiddies birthday party (20 rainbow vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, 20 chocolate buttercake with vanilla buttercream). These are continually the best-seller each month at the Cabarlah Markets! A frog cutting cake also to match (chocolate buttercake with vanilla buttercream).

Over 20 different critters are available, and we also have themed critter cake selections, such as jungle critters, ocean critters, garden critters, pet critters and farm critters.
*critter cakes are available in large size cupcakes only

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rock & Roll Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes for a rock & roll themed 21st. These were chocolate buttercake with hot pink vanilla buttercream and hand-piped chocolate music notes, and raspberry & white chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.

Rainbow Letters Birthday Cupcakes

White rocky road birthday cupcakes with rainbow chocolate letters and rainbow chocolate drizzled over.

Ocean Theme Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes made for an ocean themed birthday party. These were chocolate buttercake with blue vanilla buttercream, and caramel buttercake with vanilla buttercream, crushed biscuit 'sand' and marbled white chocolate seashells.

Tulip Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes made for a wedding with a tulip, pink and chocolate brown theme. These were chocolate buttercake with pink vanilla buttercream, and orange poppy seed cake with orange buttercream and fondant tulip decorations.

How do I order custom cupcakes?

To place a custom order or make an enquiry, please either email (, drop in to our cupcake shop at 86 Russell St Toowoomba, or call us at the store on 07 4639 1548.

One week's notice is preferred when placing custom orders, however this is subject to availability (as the number of orders we can accommodate per date is limited). The earlier you place your order, the better chance you have of your date still being available for custom cupcake orders! Particularly for wedding orders we suggest ordering at least 2 months prior to the wedding date as these periods can book up quickly.

Please note that a 50% deposit is required upon booking to secure your order. If we do not receive this deposit, we assume you no longer want to place an order. Deposits must be received by at least one week prior to the order collection date.

Cupcake decorations and colours can be customised to suit a theme or occasion, so keep this in mind for when you place an order. The minimum quantity of one flavour that can be ordered is 12 of the regular size and 24 of the mini size.


***Business closed as of 10/11/12***

Cupcakes are available in two sizes:
Regular-size - traditional cupcake size (50mm d base)
Mini-size - 2-bites size (35mm d base)

Cutting cakes are also available (these are designed for the top tier of cupcake towers for the 'cutting of the cake'):
6" diameter round cake - approx 10cm high

For those not wanting to place a large order, we stock between 7 and 12 different flavours of our cupcakes each day that we are open (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays), which can be purchased singularly or in any quantity over-the-counter without pre-order. Stocks of flavours are limited, so its best to come early in the day for the most flavour choices - it is not uncommon for us to sell out of cupcakes!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cupcake Sizes

Cupcakes are available in two sizes:
Regular - traditional cupcake size (50mm base)
Mini - 2-bites size (35mm base)

Cutting cakes are also available (these are designed for the top tier of cupcake towers for the 'cutting of the cake'):

6" diameter round cake - approx 10cm high, 2 layers

Friday, July 4, 2008

How it all started

It was on a trip to Melbourne in early 2006 that I first discovered the wonderful world of the modern cupcake when I sampled one of the gorgeous Life's Sweet cupcakes.

Having been a keen baker since learning the basics in high school, and being extremely fascinated by the delicate buttercream roses that topped the Life's Sweet cakes, I began baking cupcakes and experimenting with different decoration techniques.

After nearly a year-long quest for the perfect vanilla cupcake recipe, finding some new favourites, as well as converting some old faithful cake recipes to cupcake form, I sold my first cupcakes at the Cabarlah Markets at the start of 2007. Things have just grown from there!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thanks for checking in and seeing what The Cupcake Girl is all about. The Cupcake Girl is based in Toowoomba and creates gourmet, baked-from-scratch cupcakes available to order for birthdays, weddings, high teas, christenings, baby showers, functions or any other occasion under the sun. Even if you don't have an occasion in particular and just need a cupcake fix, thats okay too! There really isn't a day not suitable for cupcakes.

This blog will include photos and descriptions of my cupcakes as well as details on ordering these dainty indulgences for yourself. Feel free to take a look around, I hope you enjoy looking at my cupcakes as much as I do creating them.