Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jungle Baby Shower Mini Cupcakes

Mini vanilla cupcakes for a jungle themed baby shower were piped with pink and blue buttercream and topped with a meticulously handpiped baby jungle animal (zebras, elephants, tigers and lions).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cupcake Ordering FAQ's

Do you do gluten-free cupcakes/cakes?We have several gluten-friendly flavours on our menu available for custom orders only. While they are made from gluten-free ingredients and all due care is taken, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that no traces of gluten are present because our gluten-friendly cupcakes are baked in the same kitchen as our gluten-containing recipes.

We’d like a small top cake so we can still do the ‘cutting of the cake’ – are you able to do one of those too?Most definitely! We offer small round cakes (6" diameter) for the top tier of cupcake towers for cutting, or just for those who prefer a cake over cupcakes and only need a small number of servings.

Our cutting cakes are double-layer cakes filled and covered in icing, and are available in the same flavours as our cupcakes (with some exceptions). They serve about 15 slices.

Prices vary according to complexity of decoration design. Details of costs can be found on our pricing page.

How much notice do you need for custom orders?
For custom-decorated cupcake orders we need at least one week's notice, however this is subject to availability - we can only accommodate a certain number of orders per day so the earlier you book, the more chance you have of your date not being booked out!

Where can I get a cake stand to display my cupcakes on?We have tiered cupcakes stands available for hire if required with any cupcake/cake order. There is a hire fee plus an additional security deposit which is refunded upon return of the stand in good condition. Stands returned in a particularly soiled condition will incur a $10.00 cleaning fee.

Small stands - $10 hire fee plus $20 refundable security deposit:3 tier ivory wire stand – holds approx 24 large cupcakes, not suitable for minis
3 tier pink wire stand – holds 18 large cupcakes, not suitable for minis

Large stands - $25 hire fee plus $50 refundable security deposit: 3 tier white solid stand (round) – holds approx 36 large cupcakes (or 30 cupcakes + cutting cake) or 90 minis (or 75 minis + cutting cake)
4 tier white solid stand (round) – holds approx 75 large cupcakes (or 70 cupcakes + cutting cake) or 175 minis (or 160 minis + cutting cake)
4 tier white solid stand (square) – holds approx 90 large cupcakes (or 84 cupcakes + cutting cake) or 260 minis (or 230 minis + cutting cake)
Are you able to provide take-home boxes if we want to give the cupcakes to our guests as bonbonniere at our wedding?
We are able to provide bonbonniere boxes to package individual cupcakes at an additional cost per cupcake. Please note at least 4 weeks notice is required for bonbonniere cupcake orders.
White noodle box with handle (to fit regular-sized cupcake): $0.80 each
Clear noodle box with handle (to fit regular-sized cupcake): $1.20 each
Clear acetate box (to fit regular-sized cupcake): $1.50 each

Do you do delivery and/or set up of our cupcakes?
Not at this stage. Custom orders are by collection only.

How should I store my cupcakes?
Cupcakes are best stored in a cool place at room temperature (not in the fridge!) in an airtight container, and will maintain their freshness 2-3 days (our cakes contain no preservatives). Note that some decorations (ie fondant flowers) may start to dissolve if kept in a moist environment so these are best eaten as close as possible to the time of purchase.

How many servings should I allow?
As a general rule when catering allow 1 regular-sized cupcake per guest or 2-3 mini cupcakes. If the cutting cake is served at the event as well, it will provide an additional 12-15 servings. This does of course depend on the demographic of the crowd, the other food provided, whether alcohol is also being served, and whether or not in the party environment guests are going to consume the cupcakes at the party or take them home.

Do you keep any cupcakes in stock or do I have to place an order whenever I want some?
We have between 6 and 12 different flavours of our regular-sized cupcakes in stock each day we are open, which can be purchased over-the-counter singularly in any quantity you wish without order. However we recommend if you require more than a dozen cupcakes that you preorder to avoid disappointment.

For custom decorated cupcakes we require at least one week's notice, and a deposit to be paid upon booking.

Tiffany Blue Bows & Rose Cupcakes

Large vanilla cupcakes for a surprise birthday party decorated in tiffany blue buttercream frosting with ivory bows and hand-piped roses.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tones of Purple Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes made to suit the couple's design brief to use lots of varying shades of purple with a scattering of red as an accent. The flavours included mocha (purple embossed fondant and red blossoms), rum & raisin (piped purple frosting with single blossom), blueberry lemon (white frilly piped frosting with blossom arrangement in varying purple shades), banana (lilac piped frosting with 3 white blossoms), sticky date (eggplant purple embossed fondant and rosebuds) and raspberry & white chocolate (dark purple stripes and lilac hand-piped rose).