Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas cupcakes will be available in-store for last minute over-the-counter purchases this Thursday, Friday and Saturday leading up to Christmas! We will have vanilla, chocolate, choc-mint, raspberry & white chocolate, cookies & cream, and red velvet available every day, plus a couple of our other delicious summery Christmas flavours making an appearance too.

We're open Christmas Eve 9am-12pm (unless sold out earlier!).

We'll also have a limited stock of French macarons in stock this week especially for Christmas: vanilla bean, choc-mint, and rosewater - once they're sold out we won't be making any more so get in quick! *Update: we sold out of ALL our macarons on Thursday so unfortunately there will be no more macarons available for the rest of the week!*

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hearts & Monograms Engagement Cupcakes

This cupcake tower was ordered for an engagement party with a lavender theme. Regular-size cupcakes included: lime & coconut (with ivory icing and lavender monogrammed disc), mocha (with lavender and ivory cutout hearts), choc-mint (with lavender linked hearts), blueberry (with lavender buttercream and ivory linked hearts), vanilla (with lavender buttercream and ivory monogrammed disc) and caramel (with ivory and lavender cutout hearts).

Presents & Confetti 18th Cupcake Tower

Cupcake tower ordered for an 18th birthday party decorated in bright colours to match the party invitations: mini-size chocolate cupcakes with presents, handpiped 18s and edible glitter, and a chocolate fondant-covered cutting cake with the birthday girl's name embossed on the front, wired spray and edible 'confetti' scattered over.

Flowery Frilly Cupcakes - Pink & Purple

Our ever-popular 'flowery frilly' design, ordered this time in pink (vanilla cupcakes) and purple (GF vanilla cupcakes) for an afternoon tea.

Polka Dots & Flowers 21st Cupcakes

Cupcakes ordered for a 21st with a orange, yellow, green and red colour scheme: GF vanilla (with yellow buttercream, 21 and polka dots), chocolate (with orange daisies), rose berry (with orange buttercream and embossed 21 disc) and GF pecan fudge brownie (with red blossom) all in regular-size.

Linked Hearts Engagement Cupcakes

Regular-size cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate) decorated with ivory vanilla buttercream and handpiped linked hearts in a black & white theme.

Pony Cupcakes

Mini-size cupcakes ordered for a birthday party at a pony club: chocolate cupcakes with handcut horseshoes and strawberry mud cupcakes with horses, all dusted with edible glitter for shimmer.

Hearts & Bows Wedding Cupcake Tower

Wedding cupcake tower for a wedding with a navy, red & ivory colour scheme: regular-size raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes (with embossed ivory fondant and tiny handmade bow*), regular-size cookies & cream cupcakes (with frilly buttercream and embossed heart) and mini-size caramel cupcakes (with red & navy blossoms).

*embossed fondant covering and handmade bows incur an additional $0.50 per piece per cupcake.

Polka Dot 21st Cupcakes

Regular-size choc-vanilla (blue buttercream with handpiped silver 21s) and strawberry mud (with ivory icing and blue & silver polka dots) cupcakes with silver wrappers for a blue & silver themed 21st party.

Butterfly 18th Cupcake Tower

Regular-size vanilla cupcakes (with bright purple buttercream and handpiped 18s) and musk cupcakes (with hot pink frilly buttercream and butterflies) were coupled with a chocolate fondant-covered cutting cake (with the birthday girl's name embossed on the front) for a pink and purple themed 18th birthday party.

Triple-Swirl Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes with triple-swirl of vanilla buttercream. These were ordered for a peacock-themed party so the buttercream swirls were colour-coded accordingly (colours are customisable).

Funky Dots Cupcake Tower

Cupcake tower for a 21st birthday with a hot pink and black theme. The request was for polka dots, 21s and lots of glitter! Mini cupcakes were Irish cream flavour and the ripple-iced cutting cake was vanilla.

Garden Blossom Minis

Mini cupcakes (vanilla and choc-vanilla) ordered for a McGrath Foundation high tea fundraiser - minis were topped with a variety of different shades and shapes of flowers to give a 'garden' feel to the display.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hearts & Embossing Birthday Cupcakes

A selection of the cupcakes ordered for a pink and purple 21st birthday party: cookies & cream cupcakes with tall buttercream swirl and handpiped 21, and caramel cupcakes with embossed fondant and pink & ivory hearts.

*embossed fondant covering incurs an additional $0.50 per cupcake.

Frilly Butterfly Cupcakes - Silver & Emerald

Regular-size cupcakes decorated with frilly buttercream icing and metallic coloured silver and emerald butterflies.

Old Hollywood Glamour Cupcake Tower

This cupcake tower was ordered for an "old hollywood glamour" themed 21st birthday party. The regular-sized cupcakes were chocolate and white chocolate, decorated with embossed fondant and red roses, embossed fondant and 2 lustred pearls, and smooth fondant with a black handmade bow. The cutting cake was white chocolate, filled and iced with white chocolate icing, covered in fondant and left blank on top for the addition of fresh red roses.

*smooth fondant covering, embossed fondant covering, handmade bows and handmade roses all incur an additional $0.50 per item per cupcake (ie the cupcakes pictured here with smooth fondant covering AND handmade bow are $1.00 extra per cupcake above our base prices).

Fitzy's "It's A Bloke Thing" Fundraiser Cupcakes

These cupcakes were for the Fitzy's on Church "It's A Bloke Thing" Luncheon held in August which raised funds towards prostate cancer awareness. 140 vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with swirls to fit in with the blue colour scheme were packaged into clear noodle boxes and given to guests as favours.

Baby Motifs Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cupcakes ordered for a blue & silver themed boy baby shower: vanilla and choc-vanilla regular-sized cupcakes baked in silver wrappers, iced with ivory and blue buttercream and topped with silver baby-theme motifs (jumpsuits, teddies, bibs, bottles, prams and dummies) and silver edible glitter.

Jumpsuits & Nappy Pins Baby Shower Cupcakes

Mini-size cupcakes for a boy baby shower: chocolate cupcakes with pale blue jumpsuits and caramel cupcakes with blue safety pins.

Pink & Frilly Christening Cupcakes

Cupcakes ordered for a christening: chocolate regular-size cupcakes (decorated in our 'flowery frilly' design with pink flowers), carrot regular-size cupcakes (with pink icing and embossed pearlised crosses) and vanilla mini-size cupcakes (decorated with pink blossoms).

Spider Cupcakes

Mini choc-vanilla cupcakes and choc-vanilla ripple-iced cutting cake ordered for a spiderman-mad boy's 5th birthday.

Birthday Presents Cupcakes - Green/Blue/Yellow/Orange

Birthday cupcakes ordered for a combined father/son birthday celebration: vanilla regular-size cupcakes topped with our handmade birthday present toppers and some with polka dots in a blue, green, yellow & orange colour scheme.

Princess Cupcakes & Cookies

A selection of treats ordered for a princess-themed 4th birthday party: vanilla regular-sized cupcakes in a pink version of our frilly flowery cupcakes and choc-vanilla regular-sized cupcakes with handpiped princess tiaras, rainbow mini cupcakes with handpiped 4's, and sparkly princess tiara decorated vanilla bean sugar cookies for take-home gifts for all the guests.

Swirl Birthday Cake

A simply decorated cake was ordered for a lady's birthday: ripple-iced carrot cake with swirls and swags decorations in pastel colours was accompanied by mini carrot cupcakes (not pictured).

Butterflies, Polka Dots & Blossoms Cupcake Tower

This all-pink cupcake tower was ordered for a 4th birthday: vanilla mini-cupcakes topped with pale and hot pink buttercream swirls and butterflies, blossoms, polka dots and 4's; and a chocolate fondant-covered cutting cake with the birthday girl's name embossed into dots across the front, scattered polka dots and wired butterflies extending from the top of the cake.

Baby Shower Ruffle Cake - Jungle Theme

This ruffle-iced caramel cutting cake was for a jungle-themed baby shower. Hand-painted animal print onesies and jungle leaves adorned the cake.

Ruffle-iced style cutting cakes are priced at the same base rate as our fondant-covered cakes (details here).

Butterflies, Hearts & Blossoms Cupcake Tower

This cupcake tower was ordered for a little girl's 1st birthday: choc-vanilla mini cupcakes decorated with hearts, butterflies and flowers, and a vanilla ripple-iced cutting cake with hand-piped "Chelsea" across the front and wired butterflies extending from the top.

Blossom Baby Shower Cupcakes

Mini raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes topped with handmade pastel pink, blue and yellow blossoms and sprinkled with edible glitter for a baby shower.

Present Cupcakes - Green/Pink/Purple/Orange

Regular-size cupcakes ordered for a birthday: white chocolate cupcakes decorated with handmade presents and polka dots, and sprinkled with silver edible glitter.

Footy Cupcakes - Bulldogs

A cupcake tower ordered as a surprise for a birthday boy, a big fan of the bulldogs: vanilla mini cupcakes iced in bulldogs colours and topped with mini footballs, and a vanilla ripple-iced cutting cake with a hand-piped bulldogs jersey topper.

Harry Potter Cupcakes

Cupcakes ordered for a birthday classroom celebration with a Harry Potter theme. White chocolate cupcakes decorated with handpiped sorting hats, quidditch brooms and HP logos.

Shoe Mini Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes ordered for a shoe-lover's birthday! Raspberry & white chocolate minis topped with handmade pearlised shoe decorations and sprinkled with edible glitter.

Birthday Present Cupcakes - Yellow, Blue & Purple

Cupcake tower ordered for an 18th birthday party: our ever-popular presents design this time in a blue, purple and yellow colour scheme coupled with handpiped 18s. The mini cupcakes were vanilla and chocolate, and the ripple-iced cutting cake was vanilla.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes ordered for a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' themed bridal shower: bright coloured teapot, teacup, fob watch and mad hatter's hat decorations were all handcut and made in-store.

*this intricate design incurs $1.00 additional per cupcake.

Monogram Disc Cupcakes

Regular-size cupcakes topped with sugar discs embossed with the couple's initials to match in with a blue and black colour scheme.

Stripe Flower Cupcakes

A simplistic design carried out in a rainbow of colours: fondant-covered regular-size cupcakes with handpiped outward stripes and handmade sugar flowers.

*this intricate design incurs $0.80 additional per cupcake.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Toowoomba's Newest Boutique Market!

This Sunday July 31, The Perfect Dozen Cupcakery will be a stallholder at the brand new Mummy Tree Markets being held at Downlands College's Graham Centre.

The Mummy Tree Markets are for the hip and stylish family, focussing on showcasing local talented business owners who provide quality unique products that are not mass-produced or easily found in shops. The Markets are chic, inspired and unique! This is the first time the market will be held in Toowoomba after successful Brisbane and Gold Coast Markets, and with over 70 fantastic stallholders it looks set to be a fabulous event!

We will be there with a variety of our mouthwatering flavours of gourmet cupcakes. To see a teaser of other gorgeous products that will be available at the Market, check out the Best & Beautiful Buys Catalogue here.

The Mummy Tree Markets - Toowoomba

Sunday 31 July 2011
Graham Centre, Downlands College
9am - 3pm

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday Present Cupcakes - Red/Black/White Mini

Our ever-popular birthday presents cupcake design in a colour scheme of white, black & red for an 18th birthday - choc-vanilla mini cupcakes with a choc-vanilla ripple-iced cutting cake.

Butterflies & Blossoms Girly Birthday Cakes

A selection of girly cakes ordered for a 1st birthday celebration: mini-size vanilla cupcakes with purple blossoms and mini choc-vanilla cupcakes topped with pink butterflies, coupled with a matching choc-vanilla ripple-iced cake (2-layer chocolate cake, icied with pink vanilla buttercream icing) all dusted with silver edible glitter.

Ballerina Birthday Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes ordered for the birthday of a girl who loves ballet: raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes with handmade ballet shoe toppers, double polka dots and topped off with a sprinkle of edible glitter.

Truck Birthday Cake

This chocolate smooth-iced cutting cake was made for a boy's second birthday. The decorations included a hand-cut truck, swag & spiral side decorations and a piped buttercream base border.

Blossoms & Embossing Wedding Cupcakes - Pink

Regular-size cupcakes baked in hot pink wrappers, covered with embossed fondant*, and a matching strawberry mud cutting cake iced with strawberry fudge icing and covered in white fondant. The 'Embossed Stripe' cake design features embossed outward scatter-stripes of varying widths and a central cluster of sugar flowers.

*embossed fondant covering on cupcakes incurs an additional $0.50 per cupcake.

Aeroplane Cupcakes

Mini chocolate cupcakes decorated with aeroplanes and discs piped with 4's for a boy's birthday.

Monday, May 16, 2011

We're Turning 1!

The Perfect Dozen Cupcakery will be celebrating its 1st Birthday this Saturday 21st May! And what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes?

We will be selling our regular-sized cupcakes for $3.00ea as our present to you, our loyal customers! Available from 9am until 2pm, unless we sell out earlier. So come early and help us celebrate with our fabulous cupcakes at bargain prices!

The Perfect Dozen Cupcakery's 1st Birthday
Saturday 21st May
9am - 2pm (unless sold out earlier)
$3.00 regular-sized cupcakes!

Simple Swirls Wedding Cupcake Tower

A variety of different flavoured mini cupcakes made up this simple style cupcake tower for a wedding in the colours of apricot and mocha. The cupcake flavours included vanilla (with apricot tinted icing), chocolate, cookies & cream and sticky date, all decorated with a simple swirl of icing. The cutting cake was a chocolate cake iced with a thick layer of chocolate icing (one can never have too much chocolate icing!), covered with ivory fondant and finished with an apricot ribbon (the cake was left blank for the addition of a bride and groom topper sourced by the customer).

Spots, Blossoms & Bows Cupcakes

A selection of 30 regular-sized cupcakes ordered for a black & white themed 21st. The decorations are a variation on an earlier design for a black & white wedding.

The cupcakes were all vanilla flavoured, and were decorated with either ivory embossed fondant* and a blossom, ivory smooth fondant* with a polka dot border, or a buttercream swirl with handmade bows* (which varied slightly from the original wedding design which utilised flat fondant).

The order also included mini-size chocolate cupcakes with white handpiped 21s (not pictured).

*each of the following design aspects incur an additional $0.50 per aspect per cupcake: embossed fondant covering, smooth fondant covering, handmade bows.