Monday, March 22, 2010

Critter Birthday Cakes

A mixture of large-size choc-vanilla critter cakes for a 3rd birthday celebration. The animals included frogs, lions, elephants, dogs and pigs.

Blossoms, Dots & Bows Wedding Cupcakes

These cupcakes were ordered for a wedding in a black & white theme. The cupcake flavours included chocolate and white chocolate, which were iced with either pure white vanilla glaze or embossed fondant over chocolate/white chocolate ganache.
The cutting cake was covered in fondant - this was the first time it had been requested that a homemade cake be decorated (a large rich fruit cake made by the groom's mother) to match the cupcakes. The cake was decorated with fresh flowers for the reception.

Birdie Baby Shower Cupcakes

Baby shower cupcakes decorated in forest green, chocolate brown and little birds to match the party invitations. The cupcakes were chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

Pink, Blue & Caramel Bibs & Bottles Cupcakes

Large size cupcakes for a baby shower decorated with handmade bib and bottle decorations. The flavours included caramel mud (bottles) and cookies & cream (bibs).

Gold, Silver, Black & White Engagement Cupcakes

This cupcake tower was ordered for an engagement party with a gold, silver, black and white theme. The large cupcakes were cookies & cream (white buttercream with gold and silver hearts embossed with the couples' initials) and raspberry & white chocolate (covered in black fondant with a gold and silver heart), and the cutting cake was a ripple-iced white chocolate cake decorated with the couples' names.

Teddy Baby Shower Cupcakes

Chocolate mini cupcakes for a baby shower where the sex of the baby is unknown, featuring pink and blue fondant teddies with bow ties.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gold Rosebud Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes and cutting cake for a golden wedding anniversary. The design is a variation on a previous wedding order with the addition of some gold accents for the theme of the anniversary. The cupcakes were a mixture of sticky date and raspberry & white chocolate, and the cutting cake was chocolate cake torted and iced with chocolate buttercream and covered in fondant.