Monday, July 7, 2008


***Business closed as of 10/11/12***

Cupcakes are available in two sizes:
Regular-size - traditional cupcake size (50mm d base)
Mini-size - 2-bites size (35mm d base)

Cutting cakes are also available (these are designed for the top tier of cupcake towers for the 'cutting of the cake'):
6" diameter round cake - approx 10cm high

For those not wanting to place a large order, we stock between 7 and 12 different flavours of our cupcakes each day that we are open (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays), which can be purchased singularly or in any quantity over-the-counter without pre-order. Stocks of flavours are limited, so its best to come early in the day for the most flavour choices - it is not uncommon for us to sell out of cupcakes!


Emma said...

Hi, do you hire out cupcake stands as well?

Tamara said...

Sure do! Details are in the FAQ section at this link: